How Does Customer Service Experience Rank for Proactiv Products?

While Proactiv claims to have a quality product, a large number of consumers feel the company needs to work on providing good customer service.  According to Proactiv reviews there are a variety of websites that include complaints from disgruntled customers about their personal experiences in dealing with the company.  Many have had multiple unpleasant experiences that have led them to cancel their subscription.  Even during the process of canceling their subscription, many describe their situations as frustrating and a complete waste of time.

On the Proactiv Solutions website, there is a page that allows you to contact the company by email.  There is also a toll-free number to speak to a customer service representative and a mailing address to send communication via regular mail.  The site also features a separate number for you to make your order by phone.  The website suggests their email form is the easiest way to contact them, but many customers may not agree with that statement.  The website also features a customer care section that has an array of questions and answers on different topics.  While this may seem convenient to an extent, many find it time consuming searching through the questions when trying to find an answer regarding a personal concern.

The email form seems simple enough to complete by imputing your name, address, phone and then selecting a reason for contact through the drop down list provided.  Another box lets you provide detail information.  The site claims that if you have an account number or order number, you should include it with your message to speed up response time.  This is another issue customers have been having.  Some claim they never get a response while others claim their problem wasn’t solved completely.  Some consumers have had such a hard time trying to get a hold of someone to help them they created a blog that details how they got through to a customer service rep.  Some provide a phone number that’s different from the Proactiv website.

There are a variety of complaints that make you wonder what is going on with the company.  Many consumers have mentioned problems canceling a shipment, failing to return their money based on their money back guarantee, and even claims of receiving a shipment a year or more later after canceling and being charged for it.  Because so many complaints have been expressed with customer service, many are labeling the company as a rip off.  Another complaint about their customer service is that many feel they were lied to and the service rep was dishonest in handling their situation.  Some have also mentioned issues with returning their product and their credit cards were still being charged instead of being credited.

When it comes to complaints about not being able to get through to a customer service rep, many claim it’s an automated system.  Some say to just press zero several times until a live person answers.  While these complaints give an idea of what consumers have experienced, others claim they haven’t had any issues; that is until they have a problem with the product.